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The Sound (Lys Power Sound) - Rock-Tronik / Volume 10 (2) - The Sound / Keep On Moving (CDr)

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  1. If your computer is having problems playing sound, try using the Playing Audio troubleshooter to fix the problem. It checks for common problems with your volume settings, your sound card or driver, and your speakers or headphones. For further information, visit the .
  2. Sound - Sound - The decibel scale: The ear mechanism is able to respond to both very small and very large pressure waves by virtue of being nonlinear; that is, it responds much more efficiently to sounds of very small amplitude than to sounds of very large amplitude. Because of the enormous nonlinearity of the ear in sensing pressure waves, a nonlinear scale is convenient in describing the.
  3. The higher the amplitude, the higher the sound. A low amplitude has a low volume. A high amplitude has a high volume. If your mom wants you to be quiet when you are yelling, does she want you to lower your frequency or your amplitude? SOL SOUND. 19 terms. bristolchoquette.
  4. Apr 28,  · I have a pioneer sx surround sound receiver, and I have a speaker setup. When I do a test play on the speakers, sound goes through all of them, but when actually using the speakers the rear ones won't work. I set up with my TV and play station to work with surround sound, but the rear.
  5. The intensity is defined to be the power per area. So, this sound this speaker is sending out, a certain amount of power, and that's divided by a certain amount of area. So, right here that power is divided by this much area, that power is spread out over this much area. But the sound .
  6. Nov 17,  · (Actually just try moving the mic cords away from any other piece of equipment. Sometimes its just the wires touching that are causing the problem). Mic receivers (The mic box, power .
  7. Tried several things, finding out the input transformer was giving no output (5v dc amp), Could not source one, so modified an off the shelf item. Next, no sound, everything else worked. I had a spare speaker, tried that in the headphone socket, nothing, then the auxiliary socket, this worked fine but volume was fixed at about 6.
  8. the act of moving from one place or position to another. Noise ljud. a sound that someone or something makes flytande. Is able to flow freely (water) Gas. Floating around you or trapped in bubbles (air) Volume volym. How loud or quiet a sound is. Pitch tonhöjd. How high or low a sound is. Slowly långsamt. At a low speed Makes a sound.

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