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  1. Revenge: an angry former employee, an aggrieved business partner, a resentful neighbor, a vindictive relative, or any other person—usually known to the victim—whose motive for stalking is payback.
  2. a person who illegally follows and watches someone, especially a woman, over a period of time: Several well-known women have been troubled by stalkers recently.
  3. While dragoons were piloted by crippled protoss warriors, the stalker is controlled by the shadow-essence of a Dark Templar warrior fused into a metal body. Nerazim who control stalkers undergo this process voluntarily, said process involving a Void -powered ritual which Armaments: Particle disruptor.
  4. Sea of Thieves - Stalker [PO POLSKU PL] Play all 🏴‍☠️ DOŁĄCZYŁEM DO ZAŁOGI PLAGI! 🏴 (Sea of Thieves PL #1) /Plaga, /Stasiek | Stalker - Duration: 31 minutes.
  5. Scavengers Trespassers Adventurers Loners Killers Explorers Robbers The people who inhabit The Zone in the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  6. Stalker found an OK following zomapificadisruptcarsignrextporbu.xyzinfo CBS drama opened to million viewers and a in the adults to demographic, even with CSI's performance in the slot last year. Survivor ( 17%(24).
  7. stalker meaning: 1. a person who illegally follows and watches someone, especially a woman, over a period of time. Learn more.
  8. The Stalker is the hired guide for the journey who has, through repeated visits to the Zone, become accustomed to its complex traps, pitfalls, and subtle distortions. Only by following his lead %.
  9. The Stalker is a very common enemy found in Campaign. Its boss variants are called the Armored Stalker (removed) and Pharaoh Stalker. It will crawl towards the player, avoiding all obstacles in its way. It attacks by either a "bite" or bashing its large head into the player.

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